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Fern Plant


A Domestic Violence Warrior is a Survivor, a Thriver, She is a woman of substance; who is fierce. She is a woman to be recognized. She has that special walk; she knows who she is; she walks with such confidence that is often misinterpreted as having an attitude. This is so by the men who are intimidated by her and do not like to be challenged by a woman. Also, this may be so, because she does not entertain small talk; for small talk is a waste of her time and it does not stimulate her mind.

Although she has scars and wounds that remind her of her past; they do not define her present and cannot set up shop for her future.

Domestic Violence Warrior... Who is She? She is You, She Is Me, She Is Your Sister, Your Mother, Your Aunt, Your Grandmother, Your Neighbor, Your Niece, Your Sister-in-Law, Your Cousin, Your Lawyer, Your Doctor, Your Teacher, as Domestic Violence Does Not Discriminate.

 Her resume consists of putting up a food fight; blocking blows; ducking, bobbing, and weaving. It even consists of physical hand to hand combat and wrestling; of which, oftentimes resulted in pulled hair, blacken eyes, busted lips, bruised face, black and blue bruises all over her body; sometimes even a knocked-out tooth or other broken bones. But she knows she can't stay down but has to get back up for another day and another battle.

Nevertheless, she is that one special diamond that the Lord will Bless a deserving man with; one day, who will have prayed and waited for so patiently. This man will cherish, respect, and treat her as though she is the Queen that she has always meant to be, and she will treat, love, and honor him like the king he has always meant to be and free from any disrespect and any forms of abuse. 

So, the next time you meet a Domestic Violence Warrior, let her know she is more than just a Warrior, but she is a Conqueror; most importantly, she can be best described as a wilted flower nourished by her own might and determination to blossom with full vitality, flourishing with love to give.

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