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Thriving: Turning my Adversities into my Daily Purpose?

Welcome to My World of Daily Transparency (Doing what's right, even when you want to lay down your sense of morals and Integrity)


For years I've lived the life of being a victim, subjected to domestic violence, on a daily; during both my 1st and 2nd marriages. One would say, " the common denominator would be, me". Well, in my case I can truly say having "A- personality" and having a voice does not, nor should it be any reason for anyone; whether male or female to try to silence or control anyone through abuse.

Since my abuse and as years past, I have become even more of a voice to many whom were and still is currently like I was. As a result, I now use the judicial system to resolve issues that I know if I make any attempt to resolve the issues myself, it will and without a doubt land me in jail; let alone, serving time in prison. Because I am a Army Iraq War Disabled Veteran with Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and severe Anxiety, I often encounter negative triggers by individuals who have no regards for others and are disrespectful and inconsiderate; to say the least. Yes, one bad decision can turn my world upside down.

Therefore, I want to share with you the journey I currently on, while seeking justice.

LET THE LAW WORK FOR YOU: August 8, 2022: Waiting patiently to be assigned a court date. I'm sure many of you have had in the past, or currently have a neighbor(s) from hell. That appears to be my case; I had to file a lawsuit against my neighbor(s) for trespassing / damage to personal property. A pretrial court date was scheduled, as we both were in attendance. During the pretrial the neighbor told the judge he has a witness to present; as a result, judge instructed the neighbor (defendant) to provide contact info of witness w/in 30-days to the court.

In addition, we both were instructed to provide one another copies of all documents that we previously provided to the court, as the judge do not believe in blind siding anyone on the day of court.

As Instructed By the Judge: August 10, 2022: I immediately made copies of everything that I had initially provided to the court and judge; to be provided to the defendant (neighbor), as instructed by the judge. Not only did I make copies of everything, I also sent the documents to my neighbor, via certified mail (although my neighbor only lives next door). To date, I have not received any copies of documents from the defendant (neighbor), as instructed by the judge.

Neighbor in Contempt: September 8, 2022: To date, still have not received any documents from the defendant as the judge instructed. Also, telephoned court house to inquire as to a court date and to inquire as to whether the defendant provided the court his s0-call witness. Response from clerk stating that no scheduled court date has been scheduled, as of yet and that I will be notified via postal mail.

As for the defendant (neighbor) he did not provide the judge nor court clerk his alleged witness contact information within the 30-days allowed, as he reported to the judge that he would have.

All is Quiet: September 22, 2022: All appears to be quiet and so serene, as it should be. I believe my neighbor realizes that he hurt his case more than helped it; by not providing me the documents he presented to the judge, nor did he provide the judge or the court clerk his alleged witness contact information within the 30-days times allowed instructed by the judge.

He and his family are staying out of sight out of mind.

Still to Come: Will provide more update to the outcome of the court's and judge decision......

One bad decision can turn my world upside down, which is why I need to let the judicial system intervene and manage this situation.

Your comments, suggestions or feedbacks are welcomed. Tell me how you would have handled this situation, if it were you?

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