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The Coming of the End to a Very Tumultuous Year

Thanksgiving has come and gone, as Christmas is slowly approaching. Many have lost love ones to this monstrosity of what is call the COVID 19 Pandemic, which has been lurking amongst us since the beginning of 2019.

One would believe that COVID should be a eye opener, as to how we live our day to day lives, how we treat or mistreat those dear to us, or even to that neighbor or stranger on passing. Unfortunately, it has not. Since 2016 many in society have become bitter and more and more "hateful" towards those that are different than they, or have different ideologies.

Nonetheless, many have and continued to be mislead by "incorrect" information on social media; as well as, in our news. This is a problem, as it only breeds "hate" based on information that is not properly searched, or factual. To say this is a major problem in our society, is an understatement, as many are followers to caos and havoc; instead using their own moral compasses - we all have a moral compass, but many fail to execute it when it is warranted.

So, let your Moral Compass guide you to do what is right (Integrity); without following the "in-crowds" to do what you know is wrong.

Be a positive role model to your child(ren), if you have any, to your grandchildren and all those around you. Do what is right; even when no-one else is around.

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