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It's been a good minute.

So,an update from the court situation - the initial that my neighbor and I stood before, had retired resulting in a replacement judge who had not been properly trained to sit in and take over the previous presiding judge's position. This replacement judge knew nothing about the case, nor did he even showd any care. To add insult to all that, I was the only person on the docket for that morning. Therefore, I sat before a unknowledgeable, and inexperience judge who- by law should had made a decision in my favor as a default judgment because my neighbor never showd up for the court appearance.

Speaking of my entitled neighbor - he nor his wife have at all - been compliant during this entire process; this is why I said this judge knew nothing about overseeing a case, as he was previously an attorney who was just thrown into the chair as a judge - since the city had gone months with a judge due to the previous judge had retired. Nonetheless, after speaking with several different attorneys' via the bar association, as well as in person during consultation - each attorney confirmed what I already knew and that was the decision should had been a default judgment in my favor; not a dismiss w/o prejudice. I can only imagine how many innocent people are sitting and some even rotting in jails and prisons for having incompetent, inexperience, unknowledgeble judges like this. It's sad and a total unjustice for anyone; let alone me, a disabled war veterans- like myself.

Currently, my case with this particular neighbor is with the appeals court; as I was instructed by the attorneys' via the bar association to file an appeal. That's what I did.

I just pray the Lord Bless me with Favor and Grace; when our case move up on the docket to be addressed. Stay Tune.

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