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Feeling at Peace

Updated: Dec 8, 2022

If anyone had ever told me 56 years ago, that I would be at peace and living my best life at 56, I would not have believed them. I can truly say, I have more peace in my life now, than I ever did. I'm able to do and go wherever I want; without being questioned. Life, at this point is all about me being of service to other domestic violence and abuse centers. This is my way to pay it forward.

My grandchildren are my Blessed joy. I tell everyone that they are my "do over". Meaning, whatever wrong I did while raising my two now adult children, I now have a second chance to rewrite the narrative with my grandchildren. Having children is not a cake walk; nor did parents back in my day receive books on how to parent. Today, some hospitals give parenting books to new mothers. I know, because my daughter received one when she gave birth to my grandson. The books provides step by step information for new mothers; as well as what to expect at each stages of development in the newborn.

I shared all this to give hope to that single mother who may be struggling and can't see the forest from the trees. But do know, you will thrive and you will one day be in a better place than where you currently are, now.

Stay Encouraged, Stay Empowered and Stay Enlightened.

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