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Court Update; Mental Health; Being Kind Cost Nothing

On February 6, 2023 the previous petition had been amended, to reflect the new lawsuit amount which increased to $4020.00, due to my neighbor's continuous disregard and damage to my property. As I shared in previous blog posts, I know that had I made any attempt to resolve the issue between my neighbor and I, myself; it would be the wrong answer.

Being a positive example to others; especially our current and future generations means alot to me. Solving difficult situations involving difficult people is not always easy; but, finding the quickest resolution through harsh words or violence is never the answer.

Trust and believe, I get triggered quite often; either, by the smell of something, or how someone speaks to me, or even by the disrespectful and hateful behavior of others. However, I'll tell anyone, although PTSD (Posttraumatic Stress Disorder) can be managed, this mental health disorder "never" goes away.

Mind You, PTSD is not a disorder that only affects'' military personnel, but it is a mental health disorder that also affects' firemen and women, policemen and women; as well as, many others who work in a career where traumatic events occur. Let's not forget those who may not work in any of the above careers, but have been subjected to some form of abuse while as a child, teenager, or as as adult by their caregivers, partners or spouses. Abuse is Abuse, regardless of the context it is exhibited.

I shared all that to say, more and more people are struggling with demons of their past; as well as, have some form of a mental disorder. And, because of this fact, we "ALL" need to be mindful in how we interact with others, as we may never know, that individual you intentionally cut off in traffic and gave the middle finger to, or that individual who you disrespected and is not so nice to, or that individual who you intentionally jumped in front of on a line, or that store clerk you yelled and cussed at just for doing his/her may never know, they just may be that ticking time bomb that was just waiting for the right time, right person, and right moment to go off, and "you" just may be that victim.

In short, it does not pay to be mean, hateful, rude, or disrespectful towards anyone, and it only take seconds and cost nothing to show some kindness.

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