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Another Fallen Soldier

Seeing another soldier fall doesn't make it any easier, and the emotional weight doesn't lessen. In fact, it cuts deep to the core. You start to consider, "that could have been me; that was me." Fortunately, I have strong connections and support networks with veteran comrades, former colleagues, my best friend forever, and my mother. As I discussed in my podcast episode "PTSD & Suicide," I have experienced those dark moments many times - particularly after coming back from Iraq in 2005.

At times, some days are better than others while some are not. There have been moments when I struggled to get out of bed, only to realize I am alive on this planet. Despite this, I have also experienced times when I prayed for a swift exit from this world due to the overwhelming presence of hate, discord, violence, racism, discrimination, gossip, chaos, sorrow, pain, despair, lack of respect towards parents, neglect and abuse of elderly parents, mistreatment of children, and their exploitation for sexual purposes. It feels like we are living in a contemporary version of Sodom and Gomorrah.

Without the support systems that God placed in my life, both in the past and present, I can honestly say that I would not be here today, nor would I be sharing my story of the challenging process of transitioning and adjusting to society through this blog. While many have successfully navigated this journey, for individuals like myself who experienced childhood abuse without professional counseling, the effects have carried over into my adult life and relationships. Some may refer to this as "Daddy or Mommy Issues," but my situation was different. I faced mistreatment due to my paternal family's disapproval of my biological father marrying my mother, leading to family discord and animosity. This situation, exacerbated by my paternal family's perceived elitism stemming from their educational achievements, placed me in the midst of familial tensions.

Before we conclude, I urge you to reach out to a neighbor, church member, or school who may be a veteran. Take the time to check in on these veterans, inquire about their well-being, and initiate a conversation to connect with them. Express your gratitude and let them know that their service to our country is deeply valued by many.

R.I.P.- I.C

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